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Empty Streets (Tulsa) 20x16

Last Light on North Main (Tulsa) 14x18

At the Philbrook (Tulsa) 12x16

Sunday Morning 24x20

Thai Food 12x16

The Bass Player 30x24

UPS Man 12x16

Seafood to Go 18x18

So, How are the Kids 12x9

Stop, Don't Walk 24x36

Last Light on Telegraph Hill 24x30

Oily Street 12x16

Puddle 16x20

A Moment at Union Square 18x24

Aspirations 30x24

Bridge, Central Park 9x12


Brooklyn Bridge 14x18


Evening Walk on Lombard 12x9


Central Park West 14x18


Chaining Her Bike 16x20


Corner Apartment 12x9


Crossing 14x18


East Village Sidewalk 11x14


Evening Walk 16x12


Grand Central 16x20


Greenwich Graffiti 12x15


Midtown Flag 12x9


Greenwich Bell Tower 14x11


Happy Hour 16x20


Lombard Street 6x8


Night Lights 12x9


NYU at Washington Square 16x12


Pedestrians and Cabs 18x18


Pedestrians 10x12


Radio City 16x12


Reflections of Dusk 16x20


Shooting the Breeze in Washington Park 14x18


San Francisco Crosswalk 12x16


Shadows on Lombard Street 5x7


Resting Couple 12x20


Sidewalk Restaurant 11x14


Smoke Break in Greenwich
Village 20x12


Stanchon on Brooklyn Bridge 11x14


Trees on Lombard Street 8x6


Waiters in Little Italy 14x11


Walking the Dog by South Street 20x20


Water Towers at Dusk 12x12


Water Towers



Cab in the East Village 18x24

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