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Plein Air

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Afternoon, White Bluffs 9x10


Baling the Hay 8x10


Bear Claw, McAllister 8x10


Beaver Creek Winter 8x10


Beaver Dams 10x8


Bend in the River 3.5x7


Bluff 8x6


Brokaw's Cow Camp 8x10


Broken Door 9x12


Canoes, Missouri River 6x8


Cows in Winter 4x8


Crazy Mountain Meadow 6x8


Crossroads Market, McAllister 8x10


Dad in Camp 8x10


Dusk, Missouri Breaks 4.5x8


Ennis Lake 4x8


Fall Cottonwoods 12x9


Fall Gold 6x8


Flathead Lake Shoreline 5x7


Green Cabin 8x8


Labarge Rock, Missouri River 6x10


Late Sun on the Breaks 6x12


Lone and Fan Mountains
in Winter 8x10


Madison Valley 6x16


Madison Valley Horses 9x12


Madison Valley Peaks 6x16


Madisons from South Meadow 8x10


Mission Valley Game Preserve 6x8


Moonrise 6x4


Moonrise Over the Madison
River 4x6


Morning Light 8x10


Morning on the Missouri 6x8


October Aspens 6x8


On the Big Hole River 8x10


Overlooking the Madison 8x10


Rider and Tobacco Root
Mountains 8x10


St. Mary's Lake, Glacier 6x18


Teton River, Montana 6x8


Up Country Winter 8x10


Upper Missouri Evening 6x8


White Bluffs, Missouri River 8x10


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