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Western Archives

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One Shot for Fresh Meat 9x12

Shooter 12x9

Firelight Courtship 12x9

Barefoot and Pregnant 24x12

A Long Way from Home 40x32

Creek Crossing 18x30

Workman's Hands 24x12

Sunlight Creek 24x18

Rendezvous Shindig 16x20

Red Mountain Beaver Country 30x40

Moving Through Blackfoot Country 24x48

View from Independence Rock 40x24

Movin' the Mares 20x30

Eight and a Half Months 36x30


Nocturne Crossing 18x24

Trapper on the Shoshone River 28x22

Two Worlds 36x30


Moon Rising Over the North Platte 24x36


Sisters 36x30


Old Timers 20x24


Rendezvous Pals 24x24

River Traders 24x24

Henry's Fork Camp 20x30


Movin' the Trade Goods 24x36

Taking a Break from Rendezvous 24x30


Wagon Scout 20x24

On a Mission 22x28


Meadow Crossing 20x24


McAllister Angus 14x18


Mother and Daughter 30x24


Where's Pa 40x30


Home from the Hunt 18x24


Protector 36x24


Absoroka Hunting Party 36x4


After Supper Pickin 18x24


All in a Days Work 36x36


Almost Bedtime 36x30


Among the Snags 22x28


At the Ball 18x24


Beasts of Burden 24x20


Blackfoot War Party 24x30


Canyon Crossing 20x24


Crow Warrior 12x12

Little Bighorn Warrior 16x12

Jackson Hole Trapper 30x48

Longhunter's Fire 18x24

In the Shoshone Canyon 14x18

Ma and the Kids 24x24

Pack string 8x16

Red Robe 24x18

Prairie Water Hole 30x40

Packing out on Sunlight Creek 12x16

Prairie Moon 8x16

Rendezvous Man 12x9

Shoshone Canyon Walls 24x20

The Longhorns 16x20

Stoking the Fire 18x14

War Bonnet 12x9

Trader's Wife 30x30

Waiting 16x20

Which Way to Virginia City_ 24x20

The Sound of Hooves 24x36

Jewel of the Comstock 40x30

Companions 18x24


Trapper's Companion 28x22


Council 22x28


Crossing the Little Bighorn 16x20


Destiny 30x24


Dusk in Beaver Country 22x24


Dusk Warriors 22x28


Early Snow 28x20


Fireside Chat 30x40


Flint and Steel 22x28


Free Trapper 39x35


Free Trapper's Fire 48x36


Frontier Scout 36x30


Guardian 24x32


Guardian Angel 24x36


Guardian of the Homestead 36x24


Helping Ma 36x30


Intruders in Blackfoot Country 18x24


Intruders 24x30


Late Afternoon on the Platte 30x30


Lewis and Clark on the
Upper Missouri 36x30


Lodge Fire 20x28


Longhunters Camp 16x20


Missouri Boatmen 8x10


Missouri River Trader 24x30


Moonrise at Rendezvous 22x28


Moving the Trade Goods 18x30


Moving with Caution 24x36


Night Riders 16x20


Night Watch 40x30


North Winds 20x28


On the Canyon Rim 24x48


Precious Whiskey 24x36


Red Petticoat 16x12


Reflecting 20x30


Relaxing 18x24


Rendezvous Camp 16x20


Rendezvous on the Henry's Fork 16x20


Returning to Camp 30x40


Russell Contemplating
Carson's Men 36x48


Sacagawea & Charbanneau 24x20


Setting Traps 30x24


Shooting Supper 15x26


Spirit of the Absoroka 24x30


Summer Pals 16x20


Surrounded 22x28


Taking Aim 24x36


The Wager 35x42


The Way 36x30


Three Amigos 22x28


Thunderhead 28x22


Trail to the River 24x24


Trapper's Fire 40x30


Colter's Descent into the
Yellowstone Valley 30x48


Wagon Camp 22x29



Wagon Train Hodown 30x40


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